Not Made For Parties

I guess IΒ was never made for parties or anything that requires dresses and heels.

Last December, I wore a sneakers in a semi-formal event. I literally walked into an event where most, if not all, of the ladies were in their cocktail dresses, full make-up, and high heels.

Apparently, I am new in the community and still not going out of my shell. I didn’t bother to ask anyone nor get curious about the attire of the night. If not with my friend who is also new that time, I would have walked out.

At least we were able to pull out our performance and still enjoy the night. That’s what I told myself. Epic fail. πŸ˜€

🎡She wears high heels, I wear sneakers. 🎢 – Taylor Swift


Then last month, I sneaked in a little black dress paired with strapped stilettos during our graduation ceremony. But when we were about to start, the straps of the stilettos snapped. Another epic fail.

Photo taken by Unyii before this sassy stilettos let me down. This is the best photo I can grab.


I don’t know what to do that time. Pinagpapawisan nako ng malamig. All I have is a pink slippers that I intend to wear after the event. I am ready to go back to our house and grab another shoes even if it meant missing half of the ceremony. Because there’s no way I’m gonna go in there with pink slippers.

But thank God, a beautiful soul let me borrow her shoes just in time. One of the event organizers traded her shoes with my pink slippers. She’s an angel!

Just in time. πŸ™‚



11 thoughts on “Not Made For Parties

  1. There is always a pressure from somewhere or the society to fit in and live into the norms and standards of it. However, it’s a good thing if some of us do what’s comfortable for us and not just randomly be someone whom we are not.

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