Facebook Account Access Denied

Update: In fairness, I get a quick reponse from FB. They responded within 24 hours but since I was busy, I only read their message after another day. They give me back my access provided that I will use my Full Name. I obliged instead of losing all the data I have in that account.

I was asked to review the name I use in Facebook because it might not be following the Community Standards. Seryoso?

I am not using my Full Name since 2012 for privacy purposes. I don’t think my name was offensive in any way. But then, someone reported my profile to Facebook.

Review Your Name

I am chatting with a friend one moment and after a while, I was logged out from my account.

I couldn’t access my account until I responded to their message. I want to retain the name I use in Facebook.

Support Inbox 1

So, we are to use the name we go by in everyday life. Do you know that? Or do you follow their Standard in using Names? But what if your real name is Maria but your friends call you Petra? How can you prove that you are widely known as Petra if all your valid ID shows that your name is Maria?

Confirm your name 1

In my case, I shortened my full name and use it as my name in Facebook. I was then asked to provide proof that the name I use is valid. I attached a government ID showing my name and birth date. Unfortunately, the name in my ID doesn’t match my username. I showed in the picture how I got the name I use in Facebook. It can easily be seen and understood. I would be released from this hassle in no time.

Confirm your name 2

Or so I thought. Just this evening, I was logged out from my account again with this message:

Support Inbox 2

This time, I am starting to be pissed off. I sent the same ID and tried to explain how I come up to that name.

Support Inbox 3

I don’t proofread my messages, okay? I just write from an annoyed heart. I thought after sending the valid IDs, I can log into my account again. But, no.

Support Inbox 4

So, no Facebook for now until who-knows-when?

Isn’t it funny? I don’t really post anything on my account but yet I get annoyed that I was denied an access to it. Nine years of online activity; lots of photos and memories and most of the church related activities are tied to this account. Honestly, I don’t want to create another one. If this account can’t be recovered, I am considering to ditch this social media for life. (As if Facebook would crash if I do so. Haha!)

However, the thought of a “fresh start” sounds appealing.

To whoever reported my account,

If you have a problem with me, let’s talk about it. Why do you have to put me into this non-sense hassle? Lakas kasi makapeymus, Bes, eh.

Do you have the same experience? Have you ever been denied in accessing your Social Media Account? 


13 thoughts on “Facebook Account Access Denied

  1. Aw. Saklap bes. I was using different name too on Facebook kasi nga gusto ko din ng privacy. But never experience like this and I don’t want it to happen. Hope that you can still recover your account .

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  2. What the!!! Are you sure it wasn’t a scam of sort para makuha yung ID mo? I’d think a million times before sending my government ID to anyone (although I think sure ka naman na FB kasi di ka nga makapasok). I hope you resolve this soon and to whoever reported you, sana may magreport din sa kanya!

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    • Hahaha ang hassle nga!! Ok na nakapag log in na ko ulit. Sure naman ako na FB at hindi phishing scam. And I covered other important info naman. Thanks for dropping by Kat. ๐Ÿ™‚

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