She’s too good to be true.”
Your answer when asked why we were never lovers.
Words that shouldn’t pierce my heart but it did forever.
Is it a compliment or an excuse? I couldn’t decipher.
Your eyes, pale blank, couldn’t read a letter.
Your words, always luring but never committing.
But your actions, reaches my heart and embraces it like yours, my almost-lover.

Got me a cake on my 25th birthday.You are the first woman I ever given a cake. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know either.
Wasn’t curious and wasn’t supposed to flutter
But your words were sealed in my heart like a love letter
Meant to travel into multiple Blood Moon
Your intentions were tucked into the moonshine, forever hiding its gloom

You asked me one night if we can be lovers
You reek of alcohol and your walk never stable
Was drinking really necessary for this question?
My almost-lover,
Ask me tomorrow when you are sober
I want to read those words in your eyes
Want to know if sincerity was ever in your mind.

But I never got the chance to see your eyes
For you were gone as swift as the wind that passed by
You are like a firefly
That flickers its light into the night
On and off, left and right
You are never meant to be held until the morning shine
I guess you were right, I’m too good to be true
For you never put a fight.

PS: Guys, hindi pa rin ako ‘to. Pasensya na, di ko pa kaya ibalandra yung mukha ko dito sa WP. Hahahaha!


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