Chocapic or Koko Krunch?

I grew up knowing this choco cereal brand as Koko Krunch. So when I first see this familiar Koala Bear with a different brand name, I thought it is fake. But it is legit–same branding, packaging, texture and taste, just with a different name. (Parang tawag lang sakin: sa bahay, jai-jai; Sa office, gee-ra. πŸ™„)

I hardly eat cereal back then because it is considered luxury. Quite expensive, it never get into our grocery list. I never had a memory of eating cereal at breakfast. However, I always see it advertised and even memorized the tag line.

“Poof! It became Koko Krunch!”

Good thing I got it here at 50% off so I grabbed a box. Felt like a kid, I finished it in one sitting–okay, two. 😊

It’s funny how we call other things here differently. Here are the few:

Differences: PH x AE
Cellphone: Load x Recharge
Fastfood: Take Out x Take Away
Building: Elevator x Lift
Train: MRT x Metro
Car Pool: Shuttle x Car Lift

How about in your place, how do you call these things?


38 thoughts on “Chocapic or Koko Krunch?

  1. Kahit ako when I was a kid, cereals are very luxury for us. Hahaha! Last time I was in Indonesia – J.Co Donuts are not really grand unlike here in the PH you’ll see long lines at their store.


  2. Methinks this has something to do with branding nila per country. Minsan, yung isang produktong nandito sa atin – iba ang pangalan sa ibang bansa. Mainly because of market positioning, brand recall, or what have you.

    Some examples are:

    Selecta – Walls in other countries (mentioned by Lin above)
    Koko Crunch – Chocapic on other countries
    Axe – Lynx in other countries

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    • Galing ng pagkakaexplain mo dito Monch. Yan hinahanap ko nung nagsearch ako sa net pero walang legit na nag explain (or tinamad nalang ako maghanap pa,haha). Ang weird lang makita sa ibang pangalan yung brand na kinalakihan mo na. πŸ™‚

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  3. No one here in the US knows about ” Unli” as it pertains to mobile phones. Also ” load”. Also, here , we call it ” to go” , instead of take home; the word commute here in the US is the drive from one place to another. In the Philippines, I understand it’s to use public transportation. Napkin is used at dinner, not for female’s ” period.” We call it ” pad” here in the US.

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    • Napkin!!! Hahahaha!! What we call certain things varies from one place to another. I didn’t have that concept until I get here in UAE. Thanks for sharing Ren! πŸ™‚

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  4. Hahaha, naalala ko dito sa Australia, yung brand ng ice cream. Sa Pilipinas “Selecta” tapos dito “Street” pero same logo tsaka yung mga ice cream nila πŸ™‚

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      • Hahaha welcome. Naaliw ako sa post mo at relate ako doon sa di nakakabili ng Koko Krunch noong bata ako. Mayayaman lang daw nakakapag cereal πŸ™‚

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