Why Should You Visit The On-Going #Sikka18?

Sikka Art Festival is Dubai Art Season‘s flagship initiative showcasing wide range of art and featuring exhibitions, art installations, workshop, film and music.

When searching for Open Mic Poetry Event online, I stumbled upon DXB Speak Easy who will perform poetry reading on Sikka so I decided to watch it. Since not all my friends are into art, I conditioned myself to go alone. Thankfully, one of my friends made up her mind and decided to come–just in time for the spoken word.

I am mainly interested in watching Spoken Word but there are a lot of things to enjoy aside from it.

Here’s why:

  1. It’s FREE!

You won’t spend a penny in entering the place plus, they are offering a wide range of workshop for FREE as well! Oil Painting, Photography, Fashion, Craft-Making, Poems and Visual Arts–they got you covered. You have to register online to reserve a slot.

  1. Eat Art.

Feast on various art pieces available on every houses. If you are a lover of painting or photography, you will sure find inspiration and widen your perspective. One thing I love when visiting art houses is seeing from the perspective of the artist, draw emotions from it and be amazed on how they create their pieces.

  1. Open for All Ages.

From kids to kids at heart, anyone can enjoy a thing or two on this event.

  1. Performing Arts.

Listen to music, act or poetry reading, and prepared to be amazed by the country’s talented artist every night. I always enjoy poems and prose being spoken and performed on stage. Last night, I watched it live and it sure gave a different sense of satisfaction and happiness.

So why don’t you go there and see for yourself? You’re welcome. 😊

Sikka Art Fair runs until March 26. Visit sikka18.com for further details.


14 thoughts on “Why Should You Visit The On-Going #Sikka18?

  1. Ang ganda! I hope magkaganyan din sa Ph. But what you showed I guess is very unique in a way that the buildings gave the event more feels. Ang ganda ng buildings πŸ˜€

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