Compassion and Apathy

Driving along the main highway, we passed by a taxi bumped by a bus. Its back was wrecked and the lady passenger was stuck inside. They cannot get her off the taxi. The more they pull her out, the tighter the metals are pressing her in. Since the drivers are male, they are very careful with touching her lest be charged with sexual harassment.

As we pass through them, we felt bad. I’m ready to brush the scene off my mind when my friend pulled over. She won’t just let this slip.

Being a good samaritan is not encouraged in this country. You may end up in jail if you help. Only authorized health professionals and police are allowed to meddle and help. I was neither. My friend, however, is a licensed health professional but not authorized. So I was flabbergasted when she hopped off and helped.

The rest of us stayed inside the car and waited in anticipation as she fought her way in the mess and helped them. I was stunned both by her quick response and my inaction. I kept asking myself if I will go down and help. To my defense–I was interceding. That’s all I was able to do. I struggled for 30 minutes and when I finally mustered courage to help, my friend already hopped in the car and started the engine.

She successfully pulled the lady out the taxi. Upon ensuring that all are safe, she came back to us.

“I just cannot do nothing,” she said as soon as she sat inside. The question, “Why did you do that?” must be painted all over our face.


Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Do unto others what you would want others do unto you.

As a Christian, these are the principles we profess and uphold. That day, I witnessed it portrayed selflessly–even if it is not safe to help.

That scene was stuck in my mind. I kept thinking about it and asks myself,

Have I lost my sense of compassion that I can brush off the thought of helping?

Have I been so insensitive to the needs of others that all I am willing to do is pray?

Am I apathetic to the sufferings of others that I cannot do anything to address their felt needs?

I am, after all, a Christian, who professes to be the hands and feet of Christ that would send love and compassion to the world.

I pray for the same kind of courage to act swiftly and demonstrate compassion unselfishly.


5 thoughts on “Compassion and Apathy

  1. I agree with Aysa. I think wala namang masama kung talagang prayer lang ang kaya mong mai-offer that time. Kase sabi mo nga pwedeng makulong kung tutulong ka pa sa ganun. Praying is better than not doing anything at all.

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    • True! Prayer is more than enough. 😊 Gusto ko kasi may gawin pa. Pero ayoko rin. Yung struggling kasi ako inside. But it doesn’t make me a lesser human. Abide lang din sa rule of the land. 😊


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