Kumakain ako sa IKEA ng frozen yogurt at potato wedge (na hindi masarap) nang may umupong mag-ama sa harap ko. Indian sila.

Father: Come on, eat your ice cream (while holding it for her).

Daughter: But it’s cold..

Father: Of course it is cold. It’s an ice cream.

Daughter: But when I eat it and it touches my teeth, my teeth says, “it’s cold..”


Cute! Both the little girl’s Indian accent and her simple, uncomplicated reasoning. Sana ako rin. Sana bata pa rin ako. Bata lang. Bata nalang ulit. (Channeling my inner Basha). 

Makareklamo, sinaid naman. Nagtira pa ng mustard at ketchup. Tse.



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