Sunset at The Beach JBR

Usual weekend: playing cards, movies, and excessive eating

To add some color to our usual weekend, Lai and I decided to go to the beach and see the sunset. The most accessible beach in our area is in JBR where we do not need any taxi nor hop in another bus but just the metro.

Just in time for the sunset.

If you are in Dubai, you can go down at DAMAC Properties Metro Station (36), then transfer to Dubai Marina Tram Station and go down at Jumeirah Beach Resort 02.

Photo grabbed at

As of today’s writing, it costs us 7.50 AED for the train ride from our place to JBR. The Beach is open at 10AM and requires NO entrance fee but using some amenities (like shower) needs payment. You are free to swim only up to sunset but the beach is up until 11PM on weekdays (Sun-Wed) and 1AM on weekends (Thu-Sat). Not sure if they will allow you to roam around after such time.

We had a good 30 minute swim after some photo ops. They won’t allow you to swim after sunset. With all the sand in your feet and who-knows-where after swimming, finding a shower is a challenge. Didn’t know that we have to pay for shower facility usage. Walking around the park in swimsuit top with an overgrown belly is not really comfortable. We paid 5AED each for a limited use of shower, just enough to wash away the sand in our body. We opt to properly clean ourselves at home.

After cleaning up, we ate roasted chicken and kubos we brought from home. Yep, we brought our own food because the price in The Beach is usually expensive. We ain’t no tourist plus the fact the we we’re Ilocanos love packed lunch. Haha!

Roasted Chicken with Kubos. Pretty much the closest photo I can find on the net. Kubos is the flat bread. Wrap the chicken, raw veggies, and fries inside then dip it in the hummus. (Photo grabbed from

A few more snaps on our way back to the Tram and off we go! In this place, there are a lot of “instagrammable” stuff. You’ll enjoy not just the beach but the resort as well. Definitely, we will go back and experience the rest of it in full daylight. Better to put that comfortable shoes on because we will walk A LOT! That’s what I like about Dubai, there are beautiful facilities that your eyes can feast on and enjoy with your friends with NO charge at all.

PS: Most of the photos were shot by Lai. We opt to use her phone for convenience. Also, I don’t have the leisure to edit the photos except for Vivid Filter pre-set in photo editor.


4 thoughts on “Sunset at The Beach JBR

  1. Wow, such stunning photos.. gusto ko yung pamukol..magkakaubusan sa amin ng ganyang mga bato to serve its purpose haha.

    I love to visit dubai over the weekend, meron palang ganyan dyan..akala ko mga wild wadi st msll lang hehe


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