Compassion and Apathy

Driving along the main highway, we passed by a taxi bumped by a bus. Its back was wrecked and the lady passenger was stuck inside. They cannot get her off the taxi. The more they pull her out, the tighter the metals are pressing her in. Since the drivers are male, they are very careful with touching her lest be charged with sexual harassment.

As we pass through them, we felt bad. I’m ready to brush the scene off my mind when my friend pulled over. She won’t just let this slip.

Being a good samaritan is not encouraged in this country. You may end up in jail if you help. Only authorized health professionals and police are allowed to meddle and help. I was neither. My friend, however, is a licensed health professional but not authorized. So I was flabbergasted when she hopped off and helped.

The rest of us stayed inside the car and waited in anticipation as she fought her way in the mess and helped them. I was stunned both by her quick response and my inaction. I kept asking myself if I will go down and help. To my defense–I was interceding. That’s all I was able to do. I struggled for 30 minutes and when I finally mustered courage to help, my friend already hopped in the car and started the engine.

She successfully pulled the lady out the taxi. Upon ensuring that all are safe, she came back to us.

“I just cannot do nothing,” she said as soon as she sat inside. The question, “Why did you do that?” must be painted all over our face.


Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Do unto others what you would want others do unto you.

As a Christian, these are the principles we profess and uphold. That day, I witnessed it portrayed selflessly–even if it is not safe to help.

That scene was stuck in my mind. I kept thinking about it and asks myself,

Have I lost my sense of compassion that I can brush off the thought of helping?

Have I been so insensitive to the needs of others that all I am willing to do is pray?

Am I apathetic to the sufferings of others that I cannot do anything to address their felt needs?

I am, after all, a Christian, who professes to be the hands and feet of Christ that would send love and compassion to the world.

I pray for the same kind of courage to act swiftly and demonstrate compassion unselfishly.


Why Should You Visit The On-Going #Sikka18?

Sikka Art Festival is Dubai Art Season‘s flagship initiative showcasing wide range of art and featuring exhibitions, art installations, workshop, film and music.

When searching for Open Mic Poetry Event online, I stumbled upon DXB Speak Easy who will perform poetry reading on Sikka so I decided to watch it. Since not all my friends are into art, I conditioned myself to go alone. Thankfully, one of my friends made up her mind and decided to come–just in time for the spoken word.

I am mainly interested in watching Spoken Word but there are a lot of things to enjoy aside from it.

Here’s why:

  1. It’s FREE!

You won’t spend a penny in entering the place plus, they are offering a wide range of workshop for FREE as well! Oil Painting, Photography, Fashion, Craft-Making, Poems and Visual Arts–they got you covered. You have to register online to reserve a slot.

  1. Eat Art.

Feast on various art pieces available on every houses. If you are a lover of painting or photography, you will sure find inspiration and widen your perspective. One thing I love when visiting art houses is seeing from the perspective of the artist, draw emotions from it and be amazed on how they create their pieces.

  1. Open for All Ages.

From kids to kids at heart, anyone can enjoy a thing or two on this event.

  1. Performing Arts.

Listen to music, act or poetry reading, and prepared to be amazed by the country’s talented artist every night. I always enjoy poems and prose being spoken and performed on stage. Last night, I watched it live and it sure gave a different sense of satisfaction and happiness.

So why don’t you go there and see for yourself? You’re welcome. 😊

Sikka Art Fair runs until March 26. Visit for further details.

Chocapic or Koko Krunch?

I grew up knowing this choco cereal brand as Koko Krunch. So when I first see this familiar Koala Bear with a different brand name, I thought it is fake. But it is legit–same branding, packaging, texture and taste, just with a different name. (Parang tawag lang sakin: sa bahay, jai-jai; Sa office, gee-ra. 🙄)

I hardly eat cereal back then because it is considered luxury. Quite expensive, it never get into our grocery list. I never had a memory of eating cereal at breakfast. However, I always see it advertised and even memorized the tag line.

“Poof! It became Koko Krunch!”

Good thing I got it here at 50% off so I grabbed a box. Felt like a kid, I finished it in one sitting–okay, two. 😊

It’s funny how we call other things here differently. Here are the few:

Differences: PH x AE
Cellphone: Load x Recharge
Fastfood: Take Out x Take Away
Building: Elevator x Lift
Train: MRT x Metro
Car Pool: Shuttle x Car Lift

How about in your place, how do you call these things?

On Sleeping Over

We’ll share the bed for a night because, bedspace!

G: Ji, di ako naliligo sa gabi ah?

Me: Okay lang, ako nga sa umaga e. 🙉🙈🙊😅😅😅

Happy Sunday!:)


Reciting complex password with confidence:



Ate: Ahahahahaha! Di mo pa ginawang Wengweng. Nahiya ka pa.

Me: Di ko alam yung Wengweng!! Hahaha

Also me: Okay na, okay na??? Pwede ko na ituloy?? Hahaha!

Me to myself: Military Alphabet ka pa a. Di mo naman pala kabisado. Hahahaha

You Belong Here

You belong here.
Together with the wacky smile of lovely young souls greeting your weekend like a butterfly
Never expecting to fly around your weary heart
Bringing joy to your empty spine.

Life Group: Fun Friday Fellowship

You belong here.
Inside the cream painted wall of three little rooms and ten resilient hearts you never expected to call home.
Always calling your sweet, sweet name
Reminding you, “It’s okay. It’s okay..

Housemates @ Lord’s | Christmas 2017

Stop stepping in and out of your own crappy box
peeking at the tiny hole,
always looking for the glowing fingers of those resilient hearts.
Wondering, how are they doing it?
Facing the punches–sometimes of life, sometimes of each other
But never letting it bruise with red and blue
Never letting the scars wound their spine
Always forgiving, always embracing.
Always letting you know
That “God will always be greater than your highs and lows
and point you towards His direction
And when life return your heart back shattered and broken
They will help you pick up the pieces and tell you,
You belong here.”

La Mer, DXB


She’s too good to be true.”
Your answer when asked why we were never lovers.
Words that shouldn’t pierce my heart but it did forever.
Is it a compliment or an excuse? I couldn’t decipher.
Your eyes, pale blank, couldn’t read a letter.
Your words, always luring but never committing.
But your actions, reaches my heart and embraces it like yours, my almost-lover.

Got me a cake on my 25th birthday.You are the first woman I ever given a cake. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know either.
Wasn’t curious and wasn’t supposed to flutter
But your words were sealed in my heart like a love letter
Meant to travel into multiple Blood Moon
Your intentions were tucked into the moonshine, forever hiding its gloom

You asked me one night if we can be lovers
You reek of alcohol and your walk never stable
Was drinking really necessary for this question?
My almost-lover,
Ask me tomorrow when you are sober
I want to read those words in your eyes
Want to know if sincerity was ever in your mind.

But I never got the chance to see your eyes
For you were gone as swift as the wind that passed by
You are like a firefly
That flickers its light into the night
On and off, left and right
You are never meant to be held until the morning shine
I guess you were right, I’m too good to be true
For you never put a fight.

PS: Guys, hindi pa rin ako ‘to. Pasensya na, di ko pa kaya ibalandra yung mukha ko dito sa WP. Hahahaha!