Thanks, But No Thanks!

Remember this night.
How it feels like
You were just a valid reason
To cover up tracks.
Asking you out is only a courtesy.
You can come.
But you better not.

Next time, remember to pass.
Come up with an excuse
Or you will be used as one.
Spend your time somewhere else.
Somewhere worth your time.
Because every second you give
Is equivalent to love.
Hoping to be appreciated
Not trampled away.

You thought you were wanted.
Finally, someone you can be honest with.
Someone you can be yourself
Without thinking twice.

But you got it all wrong.
You are just a nice and smooth escape goat.

The “I-miss-you”
Is like a penny dropped in an empty can.
Loud and insincere.
The action doesn’t match the words.
The means won’t justify the ends.
The motive can’t be concealed.

Remember how the sweet words
Turned sour the moment it left the lips.
It should soothe your heart
But you were pierced instead.

Remember this night.
And never let yourself be used again
To satisfy one’s ego
Nor hide the filth of someone else.


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