To Infinity-And-Beyond

HK 2012
Symphony of Lights, HK 2012
You were there
When I was broken
Listening intently
To my hurt and grudges

You never judged
My thoughts and woes
You just understood
My pain and foe

I miss those days
When you are just
A cubicle away

Where I can throw
Crumpled papers
Or paper clip
On your desk

I miss those days
When we’ll schedule
A spa or massage
To soothe a tiring day

I miss those days
That we’ll take our dose
Of dark mocha frappe
Or iced mocha

I miss your humor
Your punchline
Your jokes
I miss laughing around with you

I miss our movie night together
Our endless chatter
The way we butt in
To the conversation of others

Above all else
I miss you
I miss a best friend
Close to my heart

So despite the distance
Even in silence
And beyond despair
Thanks for being
My Buzz Lightyear.


Buzz Lightyear, HK Disneyland 2012

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