Sunset at The Beach JBR

Usual weekend: playing cards, movies, and excessive eating

To add some color to our usual weekend, Lai and I decided to go to the beach and see the sunset. The most accessible beach in our area is in JBR where we do not need any taxi nor hop in another bus but just the metro.

Just in time for the sunset.

If you are in Dubai, you can go down at DAMAC Properties Metro Station (36), then transfer to Dubai Marina Tram Station and go down at Jumeirah Beach Resort 02.

Photo grabbed at

As of today’s writing, it costs us 7.50 AED for the train ride from our place to JBR. The Beach is open at 10AM and requires NO entrance fee but using some amenities (like shower) needs payment. You are free to swim only up to sunset but the beach is up until 11PM on weekdays (Sun-Wed) and 1AM on weekends (Thu-Sat). Not sure if they will allow you to roam around after such time.

We had a good 30 minute swim after some photo ops. They won’t allow you to swim after sunset. With all the sand in your feet and who-knows-where after swimming, finding a shower is a challenge. Didn’t know that we have to pay for shower facility usage. Walking around the park in swimsuit top with an overgrown belly is not really comfortable. We paid 5AED each for a limited use of shower, just enough to wash away the sand in our body. We opt to properly clean ourselves at home.

After cleaning up, we ate roasted chicken and kubos we brought from home. Yep, we brought our own food because the price in The Beach is usually expensive. We ain’t no tourist plus the fact the we we’re Ilocanos love packed lunch. Haha!

Roasted Chicken with Kubos. Pretty much the closest photo I can find on the net. Kubos is the flat bread. Wrap the chicken, raw veggies, and fries inside then dip it in the hummus. (Photo grabbed from

A few more snaps on our way back to the Tram and off we go! In this place, there are a lot of “instagrammable” stuff. You’ll enjoy not just the beach but the resort as well. Definitely, we will go back and experience the rest of it in full daylight. Better to put that comfortable shoes on because we will walk A LOT! That’s what I like about Dubai, there are beautiful facilities that your eyes can feast on and enjoy with your friends with NO charge at all.

PS: Most of the photos were shot by Lai. We opt to use her phone for convenience. Also, I don’t have the leisure to edit the photos except for Vivid Filter pre-set in photo editor.


It was different. This place.
Far from the busy street and crowded place.
Far from white painted walls and cozy chilled bed.

Here, it was serene.
Up close birds,
Fountains and lake,
would like to dip my toes.
Greeneries everywhere.
Plants and flowers of many kind.


Trees standing tall and proud.
Rocks carefully crafted, adding to its scenic effect.
Birds chirping around.
Trees with overlapping leaves.
Cold, soft wind.


Ahh..a cozy chair and a book would be nice.
The calmness of the place soothes my weary soul.
This is really something worth traveling to.
Worth leaving the comfort of my pillows.


It even get me to write.
And appreciate the beauty of stillness and calm.
Coffee, let me get mine.
A book in hand and thoughts around.
Let’s get lost in the time.



Dubai Media City, Dubai, UAE


Kumakain ako sa IKEA ng frozen yogurt at potato wedge (na hindi masarap) nang may umupong mag-ama sa harap ko. Indian sila.

Father: Come on, eat your ice cream (while holding it for her).

Daughter: But it’s cold..

Father: Of course it is cold. It’s an ice cream.

Daughter: But when I eat it and it touches my teeth, my teeth says, “it’s cold..”


Cute! Both the little girl’s Indian accent and her simple, uncomplicated reasoning. Sana ako rin. Sana bata pa rin ako. Bata lang. Bata nalang ulit. (Channeling my inner Basha). 

Makareklamo, sinaid naman. Nagtira pa ng mustard at ketchup. Tse.



Do you ever wonder if I still think about you?
I bet you do for I still do.
I do think of you and I also wonder if you still, too.

Do you ever wonder if my posts are for you?
I bet you do for some are still for you.
Some are still for you and I also wonder if yours, too.

Do you ever wonder if I check your page, too?
I bet you do for I still do.
I can stalk your page without tapping the heart,
And view your stories, do you?

Do you ever wonder if what could happen
If we are still together?
Oh yes, I do.
I dare not ask if you, too.

Captured by Lai

It is always dangerous to leave my heart astray.
It kept asking the ifs.
It kept poking the scars.
It kept my reasons dwindle away.

Sometimes ifs are better left unanswered
But sometimes, like now,
It lingers in my thoughts achingly,
Giving a dose of hope and a little insanity.

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Iba yung saya na dulot ng award, noh? So ito na nga, buti nalang hindi ito inabot ng another 2 years.

Salamat kay Jheff ng Shades of Wanderer sa pagnominate ng blog na ito in no particular order. (Check his post to relate. Haha!) Nakasama ako sa Top 15!

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to bloggers who are creative, positive, and inspiring. Once nominated, the blogger is required to write a post in which they:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated them and link back to their blog.
  • Answer 11 15 questions asked by the blogger who nominated them.
  • Nominate [at least] 11 other blogs and give them 11 new questions to answer. Let’s skip this part, shall we?


Malalim at marami yung tanong ni Pareng Jheff. Sinubukan kong babawan yung sagot pero dahil medyo pa-deep din yung peg ko, sineryoso ko rin yung ibang tanong. Tagalog din ang format natin today, so kung may stalker akong taga-ibang bansa, pasensya na. Sana mag-work ang Google Translate. (As if naman may stalker?? Haha!) Eto na!

1. Mas pipiliin mo ba ang trabaho na malaki ang sahod pero stressful, o maliit ang sahod pero walang stress?

Trick question ba ‘to? Siyempre gusto ko yung malaki ang sahod pero walang stress. Ay walang ganong option?! Hahaha! Mas gusto ko yung malaki ang sahod pero stressful. Yung stress kasi pwede i-manage pero yung maliit na sahod, hindi. Haha! But really, if I don’t get stressed, it means, bored na ko sa trabaho ko at wala na akong gana. Mas tragic yun para sakin. An idle mind is a devil’s playground. (Naks, may pa-quote pa para kunyari deep.)

2. Dapat ba na ang mag-jowa/mag-asawa alam ang password ng kanya-kanyang Facebook account?

Hindi naman dapat pero ‘matic na kasi dapat yun. Kung asawa kita at hindi mo alam password ko, hindi mo man lang ba tinanong or hindi ka na-curious? For me, shared stuff shows we’re intimate. Ako lang naman yun.

3. Kung may body odor or bad breath ang kaibigan mo, paano mo siya sasabihan nang hindi siya mao-offend? O hindi mo na lang sasabihin sa kanya?

Sasabihin ko, “pre, amoy bakas a… bakas ng kahapon.” Charrrrr!!!! Hahahaha! Most probably, I’ll keep silent in one instance or two pero kung araw-araw, gagamitin ko na yang linyang yan. (Di ko yan original na linya, narinig ko lang din lately sa kaibigan ko. :D)

4. Ano ang iyong kahinaan?

Siya. Charot. I’ve got this annoying habit or trait na kapag nasimulan ko, minsan hindi ko tinatapos. Parang blogging. Minsan lulubog, minsan lilitaw. Parang pagiging disiplinado, madalas, sobrang motivated ko sa unang araw pero in the long run, I can’t keep up na. But I always try to do it again. Parang ngayon. Nagsusulat ako ulit. Laban. Puso. Ganun.

5. Kung galit ka sa isang tao, ano ang dapat niyang gawin para mawala ang galit mo sa kanya?

Isang taimtim na patawad lang, okay na ko. Kung may kasamang chocnut, mas masaya.

6. Ano ang “craziest” thing na nagawa mo sa ngalan ng pag-ibig?

Pumunta ng Dubai. Charot.

7. Ano ang mas masakit na klase ng break-up, yung dahil sa third party? O dahil hindi kayo itinadhana?

Third party. Masakit yung niloko ka at pinagpalit sa iba. Mapapatanong ka ng, “pangit ba ko?” at “kapalit-palit ba ko?”, kahit hindi ka si Liza. Mas masakit kung “oo” yung sagot sa tanong mo.

8. Anong pelikula ang tumatak at nagkaroon ng malaking epekto sayo?

Heneral Luna. First movie na pinanood ko mag-isa. Pwede palang hindi maging boring ang history. Nakakatawa yung atake. Maaring fiction yung ibang part pero nadeliver ng maayos yung mensahe. Mas naapreciate ko yung kalayaan natin bilang isang bansa kasi alam kong hindi biro yung sinakriprisyo nila Heneral Luna at iba pa. Bilang ganti, dapat ay maging responsable akong mamamayan ng bansa.

9. Kung magsusulat ka ng libro na babasahin ng lahat, ano ang mensahe mo sa mundo?

Hindi ko mensahe pero mensahe ni Kristo. His unconditional love for you and for me. The sacrifice of His life to save us from the penalty of sins: eternal death. That He is the only way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Him. And His gift of salvation is free to all but is never cheap–it cost His life. There is no greater message that I want to tell the world than His.

10. Sino ang taong nag-iwan ng marka sa buhay mo at bakit?

Tao? Yung isa kong naging kaibigan. Tinuruan niya akong magsinungaling hindi sabihin ng kabuuan ang katotohanan. Tinuruan niya akong maniwala sa sarili ko–na kaya ko at may ibubuga rin ako. Tinuruan niya akong maging kuripot magtabi ng pera para sa sarili ko. Tinuruan niya akong magsalita ng masakit maging totoo. Tinuruan niya akong mangarap ulit. Tapos tinuruan niya akong bumalik sa Diyos. Tinuruan niya akong maghintay at ipagdasal ang isang tao hanggang maintindihan ulit nito yung love na si Lord lang ang pwedeng magbigay. Hindi siya tumigil hangga’t hindi kami ulit okay ni Lord. Napansin kong hindi niya ako tinigilan kamustahin at alalayan hanggang kaya ko na ulit mapag-isa. Alam kong palagi niya akong pinagdarasal. Tapos nung okay na, umalis na siya. It was a struggle at first but it let me fully embrace my dependence on God alone and never to men. People come and go. But God will never leave you nor forsake you. People change but God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

11. Meron ka bang pinagsisisihan sa buhay?

Marami. Pero wala. Gulo noh?

Yung pag-iwan ko sa ex ko. Kung hindi kami nagbreak, edi sana kasal na ko? Pero kung hindi ko naman ginawa yun, hindi siguro ako naging mas matibay at hindi ko natutunan na sa pag-ibig, dapat totoo ka sa sarili mo at sa kanya. Alam mo dapat kung kailan mo dapat ipaglaban at kung kailan ka dapat sumuko. Masaklap lang talaga na sa karera namin, kinailangan ko nang isuko yung “kami.”

Yung pag-alis ko ng bansa, pinagsisihan ko nung una pero kung hindi ko naman ginawa, hindi ko siguro nakilala nang lubos kung sino si Lord sa buhay ko.

Yung pag-alis ko ng company sa Pinas, pinagsisihan ko nung una kasi nakikita ko yung ibang ka-opisina ko na pinapadala sa iba’t-ibang bansa at napopromote na. So kung hindi ako umalis edi sana ako rin ganun? Pero kung hindi naman ako umalis, edi hindi ko natutunan yung mga natutunan ko ngayon? Na malawak pala ang mundo. Na marami palang tao na ibang-iba ang paniniwala at pag-uugali sa akin. At hindi ko rin makikita  at maiintindihan that only God can satisfy lahat ng kulang sa buhay ko. At siya rin yung nagbigay ng meaningful perspective sa lahat ng “sana” ko.

12. Anong legacy ang gusto mong iwan sa mundong ito?

Napakalaki ng mundo. Sa bandang huli, ang pinakamahalaga eh yung pamilya mo. Kahit hindi na sa mundo pero para lang sa pamilya ko, sa magiging asawa ko at sa mga magiging anak ko. Na maipadama ko sa kanila yung tunay na pagmamahal. Na kamahal-mahal sila at hindi kapalit-palit. Na mainlab ako ng todo at totoo kay Kristo and obey Him at all cost and somehow show my husband and children how fun and fulfilling a life with Christ is.

13. Ano ang pinakamahalagang aral ang natutunan mo sa buhay?

Na ang pinakamasakit na pwedeng pagdaanan ng tao sa buong buhay niya ay ang makantuhan sa siko. Sakit nun di’ba? May after-effect pa. Nanunuot sa buto yung sakit. Lol!

Pero sa totoo lang, I learned that our choices and decisions today will affect eternity. “YOLO” and “live now” are just half truth. There’s more to life than this life kaya we should be wise in our decisions. You never know how the future generation will either benefit or suffer because or our decision made today. I pray for the former.

14. Kung may isang bagay na pwede kang baguhin sa iyong nakaraan, ano ito?

Hindi ko kakainin nang isang upuan lahat ng chocolate na kinain ko kahapon. Tapos mamimigay din ako sa iba para lahat kami mataba.

Siguro wala. Masakit magkamali at nakakainis kasi parang hindi ako natututo pero kung ano ako ngayon ay dahil sa aking nakaraan.

15. Saan ka mas naniniwala, sa destiny or sa free will?

I think, napakadangerous kung mamimili ka lang sa dalawa kasi they’re both on the extreme end. Mas naniniwala ako sa balance of both. I know that God is sovereign at may napakaganda siyang plano sa buhay ko. But He gave me the gift of free will that allows me to have preferences. So I get to choose what kind of life to live. And if my life is submitted to His Lordship, my destiny will be fulfilled.

Yun lang mga kaibigan. Salamat at umabot ka dito sa dulo. Kung gusto mo rin sagutin yang interview questions ni Pareng Jheff, you are free to do so. 😀


Mystery Blogger Award

Hello from a very long hiatus. Jheff’s nomination of my blog to The Sunshine Blogger Award helped me remember another award that has been sitting in my notes since ages. So to shake off the dust from my itchy brain and welcome myself back into writing, I would try to resurrect this award from the grave. Lol.

Last December 2016, I was nominated by Arlene of That Girl Arlene and Meg of
Nocturnal Mom Talks this Mystery Blogger Award. I know this is a very late response but I do appreciate your tags, gals.

“Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion. – Okoto Enigma

Grabbed image at

As with other awards, there are rules. I will only answer the questions and skip most of the rules. Okoto, the creator of this award, might be disappointed if I do this. When I first drafted my post and searching for an image, I saw her comment on other blogs asking why are they not following the rules and it made me shookt (naks, millenial. Lol!). But this post has been pending since two years ago, I think she’s done policing other bloggers about it. Please don’t report my blog. LOL! 🙂

So here we go:

Three things about myself:
1. I’m not a fan of noodles and bread but I eat it anyway. Specially if the noodles are homemade and the bread are sweet (but not too sweet).
2. I love chocolates. My previous job is in a chocolate manufacturing company. It felt like Disneyland! I can eat all the chocolates I want whenever I want! It was so much fun until it all piled up in my belly.
3. I love full moon. I wrote poems about it and can stare at its beauty all night!

Questions from Arlene:

  • What is your greatest fear? Brief explanation. >>To be forgotten by my love ones. I have this lingering fear to be forgotten by my family and closest friends when I die (at a young age). As if I would know, right? I get it, they have to move on and live–without me. They have to learn to laugh, cry and share life together–without me. The thought of it breaks my heart.
  • Name 3 of  your favorite clothing items. >>Halter dress, oversized top, and loose dresses.
  • If you can spend Christmas with only one person, who is it going to be and why? >>My mother. I always enjoy her company and she always laugh at my jokes. 🙂
  • Share a picture of your most unforgettable trip/vacation. >>Hongkong Disneyland, 2012. It was my first out-of-the-country experience and first visit to Disneyland. It was so surreal and feels like you’re entitled to be a kid again.
Ernie, Elsa, Jai, Mickey, Imee, Denice, Anne, Yel
  • What is your funniest dating experience? >>Not really a date but he was my crush back then. Together with my classmates, we checked the application process for college at a certain university. Upon going home, I badly felt the need to poop. I’m constipated so I poop whenever. But of all time, why do I have to poop when I’m with my crush???? It was sooo embarrassing I could die at that very moment. I consoled myself that I would be more embarrassed if I poop on my pants, right? So we went to a fast food restaurant so I can deposit my garbage. When I went out from washroom, he was grinning and laughing at me. But on the table was an ice cream crush for all of us. It was a dessert, one of my favorites. I don’t know if he bought it for me or just paid my usage of the toilet. Nevertheless, I savored all the kilig despite the embarrassment.

Questions from Meg:

  • (Weird/Funny Question) If you were a meat, would you rather be fried or grilled? Why? >>Fried. Para hindi cancerous. Because, carcinogens.
  • Who is your hero? >>My mother. If not because of her skills in selling (that I wasn’t able to acquire), I may not be able to graduate college.
  • What trait/traits of yours do you wish to change and why? >>My forgetfulness. I tend to forget anything–from keys to the secrets told by my closest friends. 😀 Sometimes it is helpful, most of the time I get in trouble because of it. Haha!
  • What’s your greatest plan/wish this coming year? >>To hug my mother. 😦 Haven’t been home for three years.
  • Do you believe in destiny? Why? Why not? >>I do and I don’t. Haha! I do believe that there is someone destined for us but I don’t believe that it will work out if you are not somehow attracted to him. I believe that love is a decision in the long run but your decision to entertain him is first influenced by your preferences.

There you go, guys. Thanks for reading!

RULES (stricken out if undone):
1. Put the award logo/image on your blog.
2. List the rules.
3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well. Since I’m hiding for not following all the rules, let’s skip this part, shall we?
5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
6. You have to nominate 10 – 20 people. I don’t really have that much bloggers that I can nominate since I just went back from hiatus. So, no thanks.
7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify). Can’t really think of a fun and meaningful questions. Might revisit this article in the future for this portion. And “might” might mean another two years or never. Lol!
9. Share a link to your best post(s). Not sure if I have best ones so I’ll spare you this one.


It’s funny how some stranger
Can make your heart flutter
And break it into pieces right after.

It’s funny how you’ve learned
To trust, open up and take a risk,
Only to be withheld
By uncertainties and impatience.

It’s funny how you felt so alive
In the morning hours
And be soaked in the mud
At the end of moonshine.

It’s funny how you carelessly say,
“You can go.”
But your heart pleads like a madman,
“Stay. Please stay.”