Are They Worth The Hype? “Crash Landing on You” and “Parasite” Review


This is a collab-post with Gurezu in response to an invitation to join her list of INTERNATIONAL BLOGGER FRIENDS. Thanks Gurezu for this collab idea. I had fun doing this with you.

DISCLAIMER: My reviews are very amateur because I don’t really do film reviews. The ratings are based on how the genre appeals to my liking.


Hi Friends! I am mostly stuck at home for over two weeks now as we mostly are because of corona virus outbreak. While I am pretty bummed out about it because we had to cancel our most anticipated dream trip this year, I must say I am seeing a light in this dark situation. I have more time to blog and to collaborate with my International Blogger Friends!

Jirah and I eventually chose this topic as we both have fondness over Korean dramas although not as much as her. Together we take a look on the two recent South Korean recent hits: Crash Landing on You, which somehow gave us smile amidst the nCOV-19 filled news. For the movie, there was “Parasite” which won “Best Picture” and was largely celebrated as the very first non-English movie to have won the “Oscars”.

Are they worth the hype?


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9 thoughts on “Are They Worth The Hype? “Crash Landing on You” and “Parasite” Review

  1. Jai! Napanunod ko sya in 3 days.. yung crash landing hahhaha sakto lang parang fairytale naiyak ako sa isang episode yung na-deds si yung isang guy basta hahhahaha. Yung parasite di ko pa napanuod wala sa Netflix.. san ko mapapanuod?

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    • Uuuuyyyyy Space!! Namiss Kita!!

      Oo, fail yung namatay yung second lead na guy eh. Kawawa tuloy yung girl. Haha

      Yung Parasite.. sa sinehan ko pinanood eh. Try mo sa daebakdrama or kissasian. 🙂

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      • Oo naiyak ako sa last words nya ang galing hahaha baka manalo yun best supporting actor. Nakita ko lang trailer nung parasite mukang maganda.. nu ba yan sinara mga sinehan hahahaha sige hanapin ko yan online. Miss you din Jai!! at mga pinag gagawa ko dito sa wordpress hahahahaha!


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